Facial Treatments

Signature Facial (1 hr.) – $ 90.00
Includes aromatherapy, analysis, steaming, deep cleansing
exfoliation and relaxing massage of the face, neck & shoulders

Teen/Deep Pore-Cleansing Facial (1 hr.) – $70 & up
This facial is perfect for the teenaged client. The combination
of products helps to reduce oil without drying, and gives
the skin the hydration it needs.  The botanicals in our
corrective products help to heal acne and draws out
impurities and oils that can be harmful to the skin.

Men’s Executive Facial (1 hr.) – $90.00
This European-style customized facial treats a man’s special skin care
needs and relieves daily stress through a relaxing scalp and hand massage.

Vitamin C Facial (1 hr.) – $100.00
Ideal for the client who desires to have luminous,
hydrated, firmer skin.  This facial leaves the
skin feeling and looking healthier with a radiant,
firmer complexion.  Excellent before that special
occasion when you desire a glowing, visibly youthful

Glycolic or Salycilic Treatment (45 min) – $115.00
This hydroxy acid treatment is designed to minimize the
appearance of surface lines, smooth out rough skin texture,
aid in clearing acne, and helps fade hyperpigmentation.
The acids in these peels remove dead cells from the surface
without irritating the skin.  This treatment is ideally
offered in a series for optimal results.

Beaute Neuve Double Peeling Facial (l hr) – $125.00
This Double Peeling treatment contains Glycolic, Citric,
Malic and Tartaric Acids to exfoliate, resurface,
moisturize and renew the skin. We use pure
Vitamin C to brighten and minimize brown spots, plus
an additional 56 cellular actives that aid in the healthy
regeneration of the cells. Your skin will look and feel
cleaner, fresher, younger, and regain its luminosity.

Liftosome Facial (1 hr.) – $125.00
This treatment with Pro-Collagen visibly transforms the
skin to firm, lift and add renewed radiance.
The active ingredients deeply penetrate the skin using a
firming thermal self-heating mask.

Hydradermie Treatment (1 hr 15 mins) – $125.00
Indulge yourself with our ultimate facial.  Our multifaceted treatment
delivers deep cleansing, purification, oxygenation and
maximum hydration. Personalized gels, chosen to suit your specific
skin care needs, will penetrate through our mild ionized current
to regain your skins natural radiance.

Hydradermie Lift Treatment (1 hr. 15 min) – $150.00
This treatment is created to lift and firm the skin through
muscle stimulation.  Your skin will have a more radiant,
firmer appearance.

Hydradermie Lift Plus Treatment (1 hr. 30 mins) – $175.00
In addition to the above, this treatment targets the eye and neck
areas with firming and hydrating gels to smooth away the tell-tale signs of age and
restore a healthy glow.

Microdermabrasion (1hr 15 min) – $150.00 & up
A physical form of exfoliation perfect for those who are
sensitive to alpha hydroxy acids.  Helps with pigmentation,
acne scars and fine lines.  Can be combined with a peel
for the optimal results.

Brightening Treatment (45 mins) – $125.00
This treatment dramatically improves the uneven appearance of
photodamaged, mottled skin after a series of 4-6 treatments.

Add-on Facial Enhancements

Eye Spa Treatment  – $30.00
This treatment will soothe, decongest, hydrate, relax and firm
the most sensitive area of the face.

Neck and Decollete Treatment – $35.00
Treat this special sensitive area to fight looseness and
fine lines, reducing the signs of aging.

Lip Treatment – $12.00
Lips are gently exfoliated to revitalize and reveal soft
skin, followed by a moisturizing balm for the most kissable mouth.

Collagen Mask – $25.00

Purchase a series and save!
3 Treatments (10%)    6
Treatments (15%)