Swedish – $85.00 full/$45.00 half
Great for relief of tension, circulation and stress leaving you relaxed
and revitalized.

Deep Tissue – $95.00 full/$55.00 half
A medium to deeper pressured massage penetrating muscle work for relief of
tension and joint pain.

90 Minute – $120.00/$135.00
Pamper yourself with the additional time you deserve with a massage to soothe, renew, recharge and rejuvenate you from everyday tension.

Couples – $170.00 & up
Relax and unwind, side by side, each with your own personal therapist
in the same private environment.  Self-indulgence for you and your partner.

Hot Stone – $110.00
A luxurious and relaxing massage, combined with deep heat therapy  to
loosen tight muscles, relieve stress and ease tension.

Bamboo – $110.00
Therapy techniques used in the orient for centuries. Bamboo rods provide our body and mind to a state of deep relaxation to avert the tensions accumulated during the day.  Stems are used in different diameters and lengths to calibrate the pressure of each and every crossroads vascular stress from the body.  This massage has therapeutic effects which generally last for a few days after the treatment.

Body Glow – $70.00/ Body Glow With Massage $140.00
Your pampering begins with an invigorating full body aromatherapy
scrub designed to both stimulate and exfoliate the skin.
Combine the healing benefits of exfoliation and massage and experience
the ultimate rejuvenation it delivers.

Chair –$15.00 & up
Take advantage of the moment and surround yourself in a stress free
environment and feel the tension of the day disappear.

Foot –$35.00 & up
Therapeutic, relaxing foot massage to balance the body and to
promote well being.

Scalp –$15.00 & up
Great for the relief of tension and headaches as well as clears the mind.


Purchase a series and save!
3 Treatments (10%)    6
Treatments (15%)

(All massages are subject to an additional 7% sales tax)